Jeff DeLaCroix 

During the past five years, Jeff has worked for an industry leading horse trailer dealership as a marketing manager and than as a marketing manager for a finance service company that focused on helping horse trailer dealerships and their customers find loans for new and used horse trailers. As the internet became a more integral part in the way consumers shopped for new and used horse trailers for sale, it became clear there was a need for an attractive and functional website that was designed to help buyers find the horse trailer they want quickly and easily. While other horse trailer websites exist, they were missing some key design and functionality components dealers and consumers expect.

With first hand knowledge of many horse trailer dealerships online challenges and a desire to challenge the competition with innovative ways to better satisfy customers needs, was created to solve this online advertsing problem and help dealers improve inventory management and market their products more effectivly. This multi-functional specialized inventory management business module and prospecting system is designed to help horse trailer dealers effectively market their products in the ever changing competitive environment.

Jeff DeLaCroix is responsible for directing the growth and improvement of the organization, search for new business opportunities, building partnerships, and driving the enhancement of Jeff received his bachelor's degree in Marketing and his master's degree in business administration from The University of Akron.

Technical Team
website's design, functionality
Custom Designed Inventory Management module developed exclusively for Horse Trailers
Computer Technology
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SMC Living Quarter Horse Trailers
SMC Living Quarter Horse Trailers

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